4th International Prague Zouk Marathon
The 1st 100% zouk social VIP event in the WORLD

  • NO SHOWS, NO WORKSHOPS ! : For real party animals - parties all day & night long
  • AMAZING VENUE ! : Would you like to dance in the moonlight of the most romantic place in Prague, in a historical ballroom or 96m above the ground in a tower ? WE HAVE THE BEST PLACES !
  • FOOD & WATER for FREE ! : After a couple of hours dancing, are you thirsty and would you like to eat something ? IT IS ALL INCLUSIVE !
  • THE GEMS of ZOUK music ! : Do you agree that the DJ and music is the heart of every party ? WE HAVE THE BEST DJs !
  • 100% SOCIAL event ! : more friends & fun, dance & relax and family-like event

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