Prague Zouk Marathon takes place in the art nouveau building called “Na Marjánce” with the professional wooden dancefloor for dancing competitions.

Address:  Bělohorská 262/35  - 169 00 Praha 6-Břevnov, GPS: 50°5’3.382″N, 14°22’29.499″E.

It is located 93 meters high above ground and it’s the only tower in Prague that offers a 360° view of the metropolis. The guests can marvel at the view not only during the day, but also at night when Prague becomes truly magical. The Observatory floor consists of 3 cabins with 1 connecting room. Each of the cabins is thematically different and they all offer a unique perspective of Prague.
We are organizing our regular Salsa & Zouk on Sundays parties here.

Website: Tower Park Prague, Žižkovská věž
facebook event: Salsa & Zouk Sundays in Heaven

The most beautiful and romantic places in the center of Prague to dance and enjoy the spring and upcoming summer. The Vineyard Gazebo in what is today a municipal park called Havlíčkovy sady was built in 1871 – 1888 as a part of the fancy summer residence of the industrialist Moritz Gröbe. The grounds are dominated by a neo-Renaissance villa with a stone terrace, below which a vineyard was placed on the southern slope, supplemented with a wooden Vineyard Gazebo, with prominent carved elements.  The Vineyard Gazebo became, together with the artificial cave grotto, the fountain with a statute of Neptune, and the summer pavilion, one of the romantic additional features of the extensive Gröbe Villa grounds.  It served as a facility for the adjoining vineyard and also served as a music pavilion and always boasted a very pleasant view. The Vineyard Gazebo, a separately registered cultural monument, is a very balanced work in terms of composition.  It was built on two levels, on a smaller stone terrace cutting into the steep hill of the vineyard.

Website: Viniční altán na Grébovce, Prague 2
facebook event: Romantic Salsa & Zouk Sundays in Prague