Dj Baloo starts interesting about Zouk music since the first time he listened to it, realizing immediately the incredible power, richness and the amazing variety of songs that can be used to dance. Little by little he begins interesting more and more for it as well as for the musical production world, beginning in 2011 his job as Dj in order to provide his personal vision of the zouk music to the international community.

Nowadays, he has produced about 45 songs, some of them in collaboration with djs as Dj Brandon ZK, Dj DubZouker and Dj Eternal.
Baloo understands music as a gift, an immaterial and necessary good to share and enjoy, therefore all his music are totally free and can be downloaded and shared to everyone
>>> HERE <<<
His remixes have been used for professional dancers both inside and outside the Zouk scene providing an inspiration for choreographies and demos. >>> SoundCloud link <<<
Link to his >>> remixes <<< (The music it´s absolutely free)

He has been dancing since his studies at secondary school. Going from ballroom to salsa and other latin dances, he finally met zouk in 2009. Focused on Rio style he is dutifully working on his growth and currently leading regular classes in Prague and workshops at zouk events outside from Czech republic. As one of the most respected DJs in Europe he is regulary invited to biggest international festivals.

DJ Freddy

DJ LIBRE is an Artist, Producer and DJ from London UK

Known for his Zouk remixes and Mash Ups all over the Zouk world DJ Libre has 2 CDs (Zouk Mash Ups Vol 1 and 2) to his name and is always producing new tracks

Favourites so far include : Pearls, Dreams, Let you love me, Princess of China, Listen to me, Parachute, Go, Hale Dil, Quedate and many more

Having been a salsero for many years he fell in love with Zouk only 6 years ago A big part of this was because of the music, at last he could dance to music that moved him! He very quickly turned his talents to remixing his favourite tracks for zouk, and other dancers would suggest songs - resulting in some beautiful remixes

Since then he has DJ'd at congresses in Holland, Germany, Spain, Poland and of course London England, gaining a reputation for pleasing dancefloors with his musical ear, not just his own remixes but playing styles from RnB to Dubstep to Soul

This is his 3rd time to Prague and this event is the perfect event to experience DJ Libre! He loves to dance Zouk and is still learning to master it! So when not DJ ing you can find him on the dancefloor!

"Music is a language that speaks straight to our hearts, it is the soundtrack to our lives... ...I cant imagine life without it, and I cant imagine music without dancing"

I met the Brazilian Zouk dance in 2002 in Netherland. This dance is very sensual, but it is the music which I fell in love with. 
In 2005 I started as one of the first few DJ’s in Netherland, just for fun of course! And since 2010 my passion starts to expand to abroad and overseas, like Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Croatia, The USA and Canada. 
As a DJ I witness the development of zouk music: from zouk, ghettozouk and kizomba to remixes, alternatives and pop songs. I hope to share my passion with others. I love to have different sets of playing, surprises and a good mixture of all styles!

Weronika (DJ Vera) as a dancer was initially connected to the polish salsa scene.
Happily since two years she is totally in love with zouk.
Trained in Poland as well as abroad, she travels for congresses and participates in almost every zouk party taken place in Warsaw.
She's a dancer, an instructor and recently also a DJ at zouk parties in Warsaw.
She played at the international congresses like Zouk Libre Festival and Valentine Dance Festival in Berlin. She loves to explore the music that perfectly suits the atmosphere of zouk.
In her sets you will find the influence of R'n'B and lyrical arrangements of well-known songs.